Chinese 普通話

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    Our school program has one dedicated level
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    • Age Group:
      2.5 to 4-years old
      Kindergarten & Primary
      Primary 1 to Primary 6
    • Class Size
      6 per class
    • Class Fees:
      $(Call Us) per session
    • 普通話唱遊班
      Sing Mandarin classes

      This course forms Putonghua songs and stories for children in a relaxed and lively atmosphere to learn and master Mandarin.

      對象: 2.5 – 4 歲幼童
      Age Group: 2.5 – 4-years old

    • 普通話拼音班
      Mandarin Pinyin Class

      The course of study in a relaxed environment, read through the story of Tang and Professor pinyin pronunciation and memory standard methods.

      對象: 幼稚園及小學生
      Age Group: Kindergarten & Primary

    • 普通話寫作班
      Mandarin Writing Class

      The course is divided into classes and advanced classes beginning aim to enhance students’ Chinese writing skills, build capacity for their independent writing.

      對象: 小一至小六學生
      Age Group: Primary 1 to Primary 6

    • 普通話朗誦班
      Putonghua Recitation Classes

      This course is designed to train and develop students’ recitation skills, master the rhythm during recitation, analysis, master the correct pronunciation of words.

      對象: 幼稚園及小學生
      Age Group: Kindergarten & Primary

  • 如何替您的孩子報名?

    How to Enroll Your Child to a Program?