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  • 寶育教育中心致力提供互動及多元化課程學習英話,有效啟發孩子建立聽、講、讀、寫的能力。寶育教育中心擁有全面夥伴計劃,同時也為幼稚園、小學、教育中心和機構提供導師培訓,能有效率教授英語。

    寶育教育中心於2005年在銅鑼灣成立第一間Hooked on Phonics英語拼音培訓中心,至今有超過30個地點共同教授Hooked on Phonics英語課程。Hooked on Phonics為美國No.1英話拼音教材,能有系統為 2-14歲小孩建立全面的英語能力。

    PolyEd Centre is an education service provider with the goal to provide interactive and effective ways of teaching to learners who are in the stages of developing their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. PolyEd provides a comprehensive partnership program to other learning centers to create greater synergy for our partners. They also provide teacher training and workshops for kindergartens, primary schools, learning centers, and other education service providers to improve the overall effectiveness of teaching with phonics.

    Starting from 2005, the PolyEd Centre has grown from their first centre in Causeway Bay to over 30 locations in Hong Kong. PolyEd Centre has teamed up with America’s No.1 Reading program, Hooked on Phonics, to provide specialized phonics courses to children from age 2 to 16. 

    • “We’ve learnt so much! My son started learning phonics at PolyEd when he was 2 years old. Thanks for teaching him how to read at an early age!”

      Herbert's Mom
      June 2013
    • “Very friendly staff! I spend a lot of time at PolyEd because my kids come in twice a week. I usually wait outside when my kids are in class. I enjoy chatting with the staff. It makes time go so much faster!”

      Ka Hang's Mom
      Oct 2012​
    • 我好喜歡! 每天都很喜歡上學,有時我會問她︰「你喜歡PolyEd嗎?」她答︰「我好喜歡!」她給我這個答案,我有點感動,證明我無選錯,小朋友是最直接的,喜歡學校和老師們才有這樣的答案。

      July 2008
  • Principal Edwin Yau

  • 英語拼音專家 游達義先生 (Edwin哥哥)


    固此,Edwin哥哥定下教學為他的終身事業,先在加拿大Simon Fraser 大學獲取語言學學士學位,繼而獲得TESL認證證書,可以執掌教鞭。Edwin哥哥擁有豐富的海外教育經驗,曾在日本教授英語。Edwin哥哥是位專業的訓練導師,去年間,已有超過100多名拼音導師在香港接受過他的悉心培訓。課程總監Edwin哥哥已運作寶育國際中心PolyEd Centre有8年以上經驗,已成功孕育學生數千名。

    Edwin哥哥在英語拼音領域享負盛名,曾接受各傳媒訪問及被邀請為嘉賓講者,當中有亞洲電視節目,包括:通識小學堂 – 學童及家長節目、男人做哂 – 家長節目及美語拼音一分鐘 – 教導學童及家長拼音之節目。Edwin哥哥認為講座是能與家長直接溝通的最好平台,藉此,他更能了解他們的需要。Edwin哥哥曾為教育局、德寶英文幼稚園、太陽島英文幼稚園、親子王國、香港書展、國際嬰兒,兒童用品博覽(荷花集團)、<育兒天地>教育及家居用品博覽、潮媽俱樂部、柏斯琴行、香港工會聯合會、康宏理財集團、大福歷斯頓、小海白地球拯救隊(教師創意英語運用教學講座、及名人親子心得 – 如何教導子女學會讀講英語) 主持多個講座。過去三年已為『寶育盃港穗英文朗讀公開大賽』擔任首席評審。

    Edwin is the director of the PolyEd Centre. Edwin believes that learning should always be fun and interactive. He pursued his teaching career by acquiring his Linguistics degree from Simon Fraser University, Canada, and being TESL certified. He gained his overseas experiences through teaching as a native English teacher in Japan. As a teacher trainer, Edwin has trained over 100 phonics teachers in Hong Kong. Currently, Edwin serves as the Head of the judging panel for the annual PolyEd Cup English Reading Contest, President for the Hong Kong Society of English Educators (HKSEEd), and President of the Phonics Development Society (PhDS).

    His renowned accomplishment at PolyEd was designing a well-rounded phonics system for learners of Hong Kong. PolyEd was initially formed as an education learning centre. Now, they have evolved into a teaching material retailer and distributer, a marketing and event planner, a publisher, a teacher recruitment agency, a school program provider and a franchiser. The PolyEd Education Group now has 3 education centres and 30 partnership locations throughout Hong Kong.

    Recently, he has been invited to guest starred in TV shows such as: Q&A Lessons 通識小學堂, Housemen 男人做哂 and 英語拼音一分鐘. Edwin feels that seminars are a great way for him to get in touch with parents and understand their needs. He has hosted seminars for the Education Bureau of Hong Kong, Deborah’s Kindergarten Group, Sun Island English Kindergarten, Baby-Kingdom.com, Hong Kong Book Fair, International Baby / Children Products Expo (Eugene Group), Parents’ Journal Education Expo & Family & Home Show, Xmami Club, Parsons Music, Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions, Convoy Financial Group, Tai Fook Lexton Wealth Management and Hyper Earth Rescue Team.