Comprehension 閱讀理解

  • Class Overview

    Our school program has three dedicated levels
  • Comprehension

    Foundation English plus 1 to 3. Practical English plus 4 and 5. Advanced English 6 to 15.


    • 加強學生英語聽、寫、讀、講方面的技巧。
      Enhance your children's skills in listening, writing, reading and oral English.
    • 為不同級別而度身訂做的目標句式及多變 的對答。
      Tailor made with target sentences and various answers.
    • 加強學生應付考試及全港校內性評估 (TSA) 的水平。
      Provide a strong foundation to aid your child with their exams and assessments, especially for the TSA Exam.
    • 教授如何有效地閱讀文章,留意文章重點。
      Teaching the children to read the article effectively.
    • 引導學生從詞彙、文法及句子等來豐富文章 的內容。
      Teach them how to use Vocabulary, Grammar and sentence.
    • 教授學生多方面思考問題。
      Enrich the content.
  • 如何替您的孩子報名?

    How to Enroll Your Child to a Program?