Hooked on Phonics 英語拼音

  • Class Overview

    Our school program has three dedicated classes
  • Hooked on Phonics

    孩子們建立良好的英語基礎應從學習拼音開始,先學拼讀、組織句子,達到 (看字能讀、聽字能寫) 有效啟發孩子對英語的能力及自信心,基礎打好後就可進一步發揮所長提升(聽、寫、講、讀) 的英語進級課程。寶育國際中心的English Phonics Program為你的孩子設計了一套有系統的長期英語課程,有助孩子建立全面的英語能力。


    • FEP 1: Alphabet & Sound Class
    • FEP 2: Vocabulary & Story Class
    • (PEP) Practical English Phonics Levels 1 to 3:
    • (PEP) Practical English Phonics Levels 4 to 5:
    • (AE) Advanced English Levels 6 to 10 Class
  • FEP

    Foundation English Phonics

    本拼音基礎課程以互動音樂或遊戲光碟、閃卡、練習本及朗讀故事.. 等方式教授小朋友從認識26組英文字母,包括大小階開始,以至理解每個英文字母的個別發音後,再進一步透過英語閱讀、聆聽、朗讀句子及故事來認識混音組合的形成及運用技巧。

    In this 2 Level program, your child will familiarize themselves with the concept of English Phonics. They will be learning all the sounds of the alphabets through interactive CD-ROM games, flashcards, workbooks and storybooks. This program also introduces the concept of blending sounds together to form words. These words will then be applied to our storybooks to kick start your child’s reading ability.
    Blending lessons: -at, -an, -ap, -ag, -ad, -ig, -id, -it, -in, -ot, -op, -og, -ob, -ug, -un, and more…

  • PEP

    Practical English Phonics

    透過英語閱讀、聆聽、朗讀句子及故事來學習更多的混音組合和法則,運用強勁的拼音基礎能力進一步發揮所長提升至 (聽、寫、講、讀) 的英語進級課程。

    In this 5 levels course, your child will learn through the aid of Audio CDs, Flash Cards and intriguing story books, the use of English Phonics will be strongly enhanced. Further down the path your child’s ability to apply their new learnt English skills will be reinforced with many examples, exercise and activities.
    Blending lessons: ch-, th-, sh-, wh-, th-, br-, cr-, pr-, dr-, qu-, tr-, -md, -nd, -ft, -lk, -lt, a_e, i_e, o_e, u_e, e_e, or, ore, eer, ear, are, air, shr-, str-, scr-, spr-, spl, -ence, -ept, -ench, non-, anti-, pre-, trans-, sub-, -able, -ought, -ful, un, ess, and more…

  • AE

    Advanced English

    透過有系統的英語進級課程能進一步加強學生的英語能力及水平, 有效地全面掌控英語語文。

    In this 5 advanced levels course, your child will learn through many more examples, exercise and activities to further build up their English skills. This could then give a boost for your child on the path to mastering English.

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