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  • Peppa Pig Super Pop!

    Peppa Pig Super Pop互動遊戲率先預覽! Peppa Pig Super Pop超級互動遊樂場嘅‘Super Peppa’互動音樂室會將互動科技融入 Peppa,特設40呎長嘅大型高科技投影LED screen,小孩填畫心目中嘅Peppa後就可以投射喺入面,而你嘅專屬Peppa仲會同你一齊上音樂堂添!想睇睇點樣有趣?依家率先模擬俾大家睇睇! Peppe Pig Super Pop Interactive Game Preview One of the zones ‘Super Peppa’ Interactive Music Room has coupled with the latest scanning and projection technology. The zone has installed a 40 Ft. wide large-scale interactive LED screen. Children could draw their favorite Peppa, and send their “personalized Peppa” to the virtual world to join others for music lesson. Check out the demonstration video to get a feel for how it works first!

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  • Good Sunday Fun!

    好開心又可以同大家分享你哋嘅親子星期天! 同上個禮拜日一樣,見到好多家長同你哋嘅小朋友有好多溝通嘅時間,我覺得依個活動已經好成功啦!希望大家繼續支持 ~ @PolyEd x 親子活動好去處~! Group C 嘅朋友,下個禮拜見! Group A and B 嘅家 長,希望下次再玩過!你哋係到分享下今日嘅comment啦!  

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