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  • Charlie and Lola ~ Lola Needs to Wear Glasses – By Trinity L.

    On Monday, at school, Lola is telling a secret to her friends about her glasses. Lola says her glasses are not pretty. But, when Lola tells her friends, Lola says, “Your glasses are beautiful!” So Lola is lying. After school, Lola sees her friend. She has a beautiful glasses case. After that, Lola went home with Charlie. Lola tells Charlie, “I need to wear glasses”. But Charlie says, ” You have perfect eye sight”. But Lola says “I really need to wear glasses.” Lola needs to choose the prettiest stars glasses. Lola thinks it is nice to Lola wears it. […]

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  • The Peppa Pig Super Pop Carnival by Trinity L.

        The Peppa Pig Super Pop Carnival On Monday afternoon, we went to the Peppa Pig Carnival. My brother loves it, so my mom bought the tickets. The Peppa Pig Carnival is fun!. There are many games there. They have the dinosaur slide. The dinosaur slide is fun. They also have the bouncy castle, bucket slide, T-shirt drawing booth, and a photo booth. Shopping is fun too. There was a big crowd. I am very excited.

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  • The Sparkly Book by Trinity L (K3)

     The Sparkly Book On Monday night, in the living room, we are reading a book called The Sparkly Book. My mommy is reading it. It is fun because it is pink, purple and blue. We can play games on it. You can choose the games. It is fun. The next day, we went to the library. We choose a book called The Gorgeous Book. It is just like yesterday’s book. It has many magical stars on it. It is shiny, sparkly, pretty, beautiful and magical. I like it too. It is fun! THE END

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