Graco DuoGlider™ Classic Connect™ Stroller Review

November 27, 2015

我和妻子正在尋找適合的雙人嬰兒車, 可是在香港沒有太多合適的選擇。

我們在網上搜尋五大最受歡迎雙人嬰兒車,最終選擇最輕的「Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller」,因為只重29.5l磅。

我們從網上連鎖店購買,運送雖然迅速,不足六天便到達, 不過運費昂貴,相當於多過一半的嬰兒車售價。

包裝盒頗為大 (參見短片) 。我的小孩感到興奮!我們開盒後,所有配件都有, 但未完全組合過。我們花了大約十五分鐘完成組合。*特別注意: 這步驟需要一個鎚子完成。

我們頗為滿意產品質素。車輪及車軸十分堅固,整體結構十分牢固。 車廂布料柔順,顏色組合配搭得宜。但是我們訂購時, 忘記檢查這款嬰兒車只有三點式安全帶, 而不是較穩固的五點式安全帶。

小孩測試:我將兩個小孩,一個四歲(重35磅),一個兩歲 (重18磅)放在嬰兒車上。

首先,四歲小孩坐後座,兩歲小孩坐前座。後座對四歲小孩來說, 十分擠迫,像乘坐飛機的經濟客位一樣。 他的膝蓋差不多碰到前座的背部。兩歲小孩喜歡坐前座。 但家長比較接受五點式安全帶,以策安全。

然後兩個小孩交換座位,前座的四歲小孩有充足腿部活動空間, 但後座的二歲小孩便看不到前面。我們發現後座向後傾斜, 以及欠缺底部承托板。後座只用加固帶支撐,導致角度偏向後斜。

就算兩個小孩乘坐嬰兒車,行走依然暢順。 前輪即使有停頓但仍然順暢。因為下面有個大籃, 進行後輪鎖車比較困難,但相對帶來更多收藏空間。

摺疊這款嬰兒車簡直輕而易舉,只需一隻手便完成。 我和妻子嘗試兩次後便明白。旁邊的開鎖和解鎖裝置頗為脆弱。 摺疊時,前面的杯架便凸出來。當然它可以拆出來, 但你想放在哪裏?




  • 牢固而輕身
  • 容易摺疊
  • 行走暢順
  • 斜向椅
  • 價錢合理


  • 只有三點式安全帶
  • 後座缺乏底部承托


The wife and I had been looking for a double stroller for quite some time. However, the selection in Hong Kong is quite limited.


Like always, we went online and searched for the top 5 double stroller available. A few other brands popped up, but we chose the Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller because it was the lightest amongst them at 29.5lbs.

We ordered from a chain store online and the shipping was quick, albeit expensive! It cost more than half of the stroller’s retail price! However, with limited selection in our area, we had no choice. The stroller arrived in less than 6 days!

The box is quite big (see video). My kids are very excited about their new ride! We opened the box and everything was there, but not fully assembled. We took about 15min to put it together. *Special note: you will need a hammer in the process.

We were quite satisfied with the build quality of this product. The wheels and axles were tough and the overall structure of the stroller seems sturdy. The fabric is smooth with great color combo. However, when we ordered, we forgot to check that this was only a 3 point harness seatbelt instead of a 5 point.

Kids test: we had our 2 kids aged 4 (35lbs) and aged 2 (18lbs) on the stroller. They loved it of course! First we put our 4 year old at the back and our 2 year old at the front. It was a snuggle fit for our 4 year old, feels like the economic class on the plane. His knees are almost touching the back of the front seat. Our 2 year old loved it at the front, however, as parents, we preferred a 5 point harness for more safety. Then we switched and it seemed more suitable as our 4 year old has more legroom. However, the backseat rider will have an obstructed view. We found that the back seat is a bit on a slouched seating angle. Unlike the front seat, it is lacking a base plate at the bottom. They used a reinforced strap under the rear seat as support, and therefore the seating angle is slouched.

The stroller runs smooth with both of my kids on it. The front wheels even have suspensions to keep a nice smooth ride. The access to the rear brakes was a bit different due to the size of the extra large basket underneath. However, it was worth it because of the extra space the basket provides.

Folding up this stroller is a breeze, it’s truly a one handed operation. My wife and I were familiar with it after 2 tries. The locking and unlocking mechanism seems a bit flimsy on the side. Let’s see how it holds up after a while. When folded up, the front cup holder bulged out quite significantly. However, it is removable if you wish, but where would you put it?


We will be heading for a short trip to Taiwan next month. We will see how this stroller holds up after our vacation.


  • Sturdy but lightweight
  • Folds up easily
  • Smooth ride
  • Reclining seats
  • Price



  • Only 3 point harness
  • Lack of bottom support on the back seat





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